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What is a Tunisian Crochet Hook?

A tunisian crochet hook is like a knitting needle with a hook on the end. Like knitting needles you can find them either long and straight or with a cable. There are also double ended tunisian crochet hooks

What are the different hooks used for?

Hooks with cables and straight hooks are both used for worked flat patterns. A hook with a cable allows for more stitches than a straight hook and can also be easier on the hands and wrists because you are not holding the whole weight of the object while crocheting. A double ended hook is used for "in the round" patterns like hats and some cowls and gloves.

What should I get?

One thing to know is that you should always use a hook size 1-2 sizes larger than the yarn recommends. If you use the same size as you would use for regular crochet or knitting, the fabric will be much too dense. For a fingering weight shawl, I typically use a hook between 5.0mm(US H) and 6.0mm(US J). If you want something light and airy go more than 2 sizes up.

An affordable quality option if you are new to tunisian crochet are Chiaogoo Tunisian Hooks with cable

Interchangable hooks are my preference over single hooks. Interchangable hooks allow you to adjust the cable length to match the project. I have a decent collection of hooks and the Chiaogoo T-spin is my favorite affordable set. They are made from bamboo, are pointy and the cables work great.

For tunisian crochet in the round, I prefer these double ended Clover hooks

Other Tools

For working with gradients, a precise scale is a must. I use this one to be able to use as much of my yarn as possible.