What is a Tunisian Crochet Hook?

A tunisian crochet hook is like a knitting needle with a hook on the end. Similar to knitting needles, you can find them either long and straight or shorter with a cable. There are also double ended tunisian crochet hooks.

What are the different hooks used for?

Hooks with cables and straight hooks are both used for worked flat patterns. A hook with a cable allows for more stitches than a straight hook and can also be easier on the hands and wrists because you are not holding the whole weight of the project while crocheting.

A double ended hook is used for "in the round" patterns like hats and some cowls and gloves. These can either be a single piece of wood or metal with hooks on both ends or it can be two hooks joined with a cable.

Selecting the right hook size

Always use a hook size 1-2 sizes larger than the yarn band recommends. Using the same size as you would use for regular crochet or knitting will result in a fabric that is much too dense. For a fingering weight shawl, start with a hook between 4.5mm (US G-7) and 5.5mm (US I).

When investing in a hook set, choosing interchangable hooks allows for the most flexibility. There are now many options, Chiaogoo T-spin is a quality affordable set.

Picking your cable length

One of the questions I am frequently asked is "What length cable do I need?".

The answer is mostly up to personal preference. If you don't mind a lot of stitches bunched together then a very short cable will work just fine.

If the project has any corners (like a center out triangle shawl), then a longer cable will be more comfortable. My most commonly used cables are 1" and 8". In the photos is a 6" (15cm) hook with 1" (2.5cm) cable with a 150 stitch row.