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Choosing the right size for a perfect fit

If you want a great fitting sweater,
don't pick a size based on your bust size!

Most commercial size charts use a full chest measurement for sizing. This doesn't take into account differences in the amount of breast tissue an individual has. These size charts make an assumption based on an "average" woman. This assumption will cause garments for folks with above or below average breast size (as defined in the size chart) to not fit well. If you find your garments constantly slipping off your shoulder or feeling tight in the shoulders, you're likely in this category.

The solution? Because we are making our own clothes, we don't have to put up with poor fitting garments! Use your upper chest measurment and make bust adjustments as needed. The upper chest is a better measurement of your body and frame size. Choosing a size based on upper chest means you will have a much better starting point for getting that perfect fit.

Measuring your upper chest

This measurement goes flat across the back, under your arms and then across your chest above your breasts.

If you can, have someone help you get this measurement.
a mannequin wearing a sweater being measured for upper chest size

Aklori Designs Size Chart

Part 1: Pick your size
Once you have your upper chest measurement (and your full chest measurement), you can decide on what size to make. Here's the size and upper chest measurement for all of my designs.

Part 2: Determine if you need a bust adjustment
After you've picked your size, subtract your full bust measurement from the garment's finished chest measurement to determine how much ease you will have. If you like that amount of ease, work the sweater instructions as written. If you want more ease, you'll need a bust adjustment. Follow the pattern's instructions or consider adding bust darts.
Size Upper Chest
Upper Chest
0 28 70
1 32 80
2 36 90
3 39 98
4 42 105
5 45 112
6 49 122
7 52 130
8 55 138
9 59 148
10 62 155
11 65 162