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Join the Exploring Tunisian Crochet-Along!

What is a Tunisin Crochet-along (TCAL)?

I'm celebrating the release of my book, Exploring Tunisian Crochet with a crochet-along. It is a great way to work on a project in a fun supportive group.

There are zoom meetups, games, and prizes!

When and What?

The TCAL starts on February 1st and runs through March 17th.

Pick any of the 20 patterns in Exploring Tunisian Crochet. There is something for all skill levels from Tunisian crochet newbie to veteran.


The Exploring Tunisian Crochet-along is happening on Aklori Designs's Discord Channel.

New to Discord? No problem! It is a free platform that requires minimal information to register. Hop on and we'll be happy to help you get settled!