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Metal hooks!

While I was at H+H Americas in May, I was able to interact with a lot of companies that sell yarn and other fiber related things. I spent some time chatting with Cascade Yarns and they informed me they are now carrying metal hooks!! I was thrilled because the Tunisian crochet community has been begging for metal interchangeable hooks. At the end of the show they sent me home with this set to try, however I am not receiving any compensation for this review. The opnions are all my own.

tunisian crochet set by pony - 5 metal hooks in a felt case

Metal hooks are still pretty rare for Tunisian crochet sets so I was so excited to try these. I did want to spend a bit of time playing with these hooks before writing up my review. I'll mention the biggest downside of the set is the limited sizes. I ended up mostly playing with the 5.0mm (H) hook and some fingering weight yarn.

About the set

The set comes in a felt case with a handful of cables, stoppers, and five hooks: 3.5mm, 4.00mm, 4.50mm, 5.00mm, and 5.50mm. A 6.0mm hook can be purchased separately. While the current size range is somewhat limited, Cascade Yarns has mentioned they are working on expanding the set to include larger sizes so I'm hopeful this could become a really great set.

close up of pony hook showing tapered neck and pointy head

About the hooks

The hooks have a nicely shaped head and are moderately pointy.

These hooks are tapered! This is the first metal interchangeable hook I've seen with a tapered head.

Overall, I enjoyed working with these hooks.

About the cables

The set includes cables made of thin tubing. These cables don't rotate, which is a feature I prefer.

However, they are reasonably flexible, which makes them manageable, though there is room for improvement.

close up of cable for tunisian hook

6mm tunisian crochet hook with tubing cable


I'll admit I was amazed at the price point - sells the set for $65! That's a fraction of most sets.

Cascade yarns does not sell the hooks directly to consumers so if you're interested, you can also ask your LYS to order a set.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this Tunisian crochet hook set is a worth considering. While the non-rotating cables and limited size range are drawbacks, the price point is great. I can't wait for some larger sizes.