Library Feature in Payhip

Now you can view all your patterns in one locations!

How to do this:

1) First you must create an account in Payhip. Visit my pattern store, and click on the person icon in the upper right. Fill out the info to create your account.

2) At this point, none of your patterns will be in the library. You have to do one more step. While logged in, go to your email and click to download any of the patterns you've purchased. It should show a screen like below.

3) Click on the "Get Started" Button. This will have you enter your email again.

4) Payhip will then send you an email confirming your email address. Once you click on the link in that email, all your patterns purchased under that email should be visible in your library. If you purchased patterns under multiple emails, you'll have to do this for each email address.

5) All your purchased patterns will now be visible in your library (accessible by clicking on the person link from step 1) and ready for download. All future purchases will automatically show up in your library.