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It's Hat Weather!

Worked Flat vs. In the Round

Are you scared to try Tunisian crochet in the round?

I do have hat patterns (Ein Hat, Zwei Hat) that are worked flat but Tunisian crochet in the round is where all the fun is.

And it is easier than you think! If you can do tunisian crochet worked flat you can do it in the round!

What do you need for Tunisian in the Round?

1) A double-ended hook or two hooks connected by a cable and the hook needs to be the same size on both ends.

I prefer double-ended hooks like this one from Clover for small projects like hats but use two interchangeable hooks with a cable for larger projects like sweaters.

2) 2 strands of yarn. They can be the same or different colors. They can be from two separate balls. You can also just use two ends of a center pull cake (my favorite!).

Working in the Round

This tutorial goes into more detail on working in the round. It may be easiest to just practise on a small swatch before starting your first hat.

Top-down vs Bottom-up Hats

Bottom up

Hat patterns like the Vortex hat are good for getting familiar with working in the round before having to do any shaping.

Top down

These hat patterns start with a magic ring foundation row. The 2023 hat collection are all top down hat patterns. They are a great way to explore new tunisian crochet techniques with a small project.

If you're not familiar with starting a hat this way. The video below walks you through the start of these hats.