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My Book - Exploring Tunisian Crochet

Learn Tunisian Crochet the fun way!

Exploring Tunisian Crochet is designed for the adventurous crafter!

Are you an experienced crafter but new to Tunisian crochet?  This book is for you!  Exploring Tunisian Crochet covers the basics thoroughly but quickly so you can jump right into your first pattern!

Familiar with Tunisian crochet but want to go deeper so you can make the fun stuff?  This book is for you!  Explore more advanced techniques like 2-color Tunisian crochet in the round and Tunisian crochet lace!   

Exploring Tunisian Crochet covers all the basics and then dives into intermediate and advanced stitches and techniques. Then use those techniques to make any of the 20 fun patterns.
Have you always wanted to do tunisian crochet lace but felt it was too difficult? The book has 3 lace shawls of gradually increasing difficulty so you never feel overwhelmed.
Do you love cables? With step-by-step photo tutorials for all the cable stitches, the Wandering Paths scarf is a perfect introduction to Tunisian crochet cables.
The colorwork options when working Tunisian crochet in the round are endless. Exploring Tunisian Crochet goes over everything you need to be confident in this technique.

Are you ready to start exploring?

Order your copy now!