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If you've never tested before, please read this wonderful blog post by the Skeiniac titled "So, you want to be a pattern tester". She's a seasoned pattern tester and has great insight into the process.

Expectations and Responsibilities
When Testing with Aklori Designs

Testing Philosophy

The goal of testing is to find any errors and ambiguities in a pattern but also to make sure that the instructions are easy to understand.


All testers must be at least intermediate level tunisian crochet experiance. This is a firm requirement because pattern testing involves finding problems and errors with the pattern, not just creating the pattern as written. Prior testing experience is preferred but not required if several tunisian crochet projects have been completed. Feel free to email/message me if you're not sure. If you are new to tunisian crochet, please wait to test until you have some tunisian crochet projects to show your work.

Tests are currently run on Discord. Testers must be willing to create a free account and interact through that interface.

Tester Responsibilities

1. The tester must create the pattern as written by the deadline stated. Modifications to either the pattern or the deadline are only allowed with prior approval.

2. Testers must start within a week and check in at least once per week during the test with progress photos in the test area.

3. When the tester is finished, post photos of the FO after blocking, and communicate the hook size and yarn used (both fiber content and yardage). Because project pages are not required, I need all the information normally shown there. One test at a time please.


Testers can choose any yarn of their liking unless otherwise specified. If using a different weight than the sample, adjust the hook size accordingly.


I understand that not everyone has the same tension. Please adjust your hook size accordingly.


If the pattern is adjustable, please make the size you prefer (which can be very different than my sample size). Sample size is provided as a guide only, do not feel obligated to use it.


All updates will be posted in the test channel on Discord including any minor changes, errata or an updated pattern if a substantial update is required. Let me know as soon as you find an issue (errors, typos, anything that is confusing or poorly worded) so I can address it immediately. If you're having problems, someone else probably will be soon. Please check in weekly with your progress (or lack of progress, life happens).


The deadline for the test is stated in the test announcement and is based on size of the project. Please volunteer only if you really do have time and can start straight away (unless otherwise discussed). I rely on feedback from testers to create the best patterns possible. If you find you won't be able to complete a project by the deadline please let me know ASAP.


Testers who complete the pattern within set deadline and provide feedback will receive a free PDF copy of the final pattern via email once published.

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