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What is tunisian crochet?

Tunisian crochet is neither tunisian nor is it really crochet. It uses a hook but in a very different way than regular crochet. In tunisian crochet, you work a whole row at once picking up stitches on the forward pass and closing them on the return pass. This creates the fabric in a similar manner to knitting but with textures completely unique to tunisian crochet.

What is a tunisian crochet hook?

A tunisian crochet hook is like a knitting needle with a hook on the end. It has a long straight shaft to accommodate holding several loops at once. If you want to try out tunisian crochet before buying a special hook, a regular crochet hook will do for a small amount of stitches.
Note- Tunisian crochet creates a denser fabric than regular crochet, always use a hook 1-2 sizes larger than would be used for regular crochet.

What do you need to get started?

If you just want to get your feet wet and try out a few stitches before buying any fancy new hooks, you can start doing short rows (about 10 stitches) with just a regular crochet hook. Check out the videos on the Your First Stitches page.