Shawl Patterns

All patterns assume basic knowledge of tunisian crochet such as forward and return passes. If these are new concepts to you, please check out my beginner tutorial before jumping in to one of these patterns.

Easy Shawl Patterns

These patterns are considered easy because they have a limited number of different tunisian crochet stitches. They typically have an easy to remember formula and are forgiving of mistakes (for example a missed stitch is either quickly found or not important). All stitches and shaping methods are explained in detail.

Finding Balance Shawl
Monsoon Shawl
Imzadi Shawl
Harmony Shawl
Wine Tasting Shawl
Snowdrift Shawl
Spiraling Out Shawl
Vamos Shawl
Nightfall Shawl
Refraction Shawl
Heart Scream Shawl
Along The Way
ADVENTure Wrap
Escalera Wrap
Echo Shawl
Serenity Shawl
Soothing Stripes Shawl
Catalina Shawl
Whirlpool Shawl
Curved Space Shawl
Topes Shawl
Road Less Traveled Shawl
Course Correction Shawl
Convergence Shawl
Half & Half Shawl

Intermediate Shawl Patterns

Intermediate Patterns assume a fair amount of comfort with Tunisian crochet and the ability to read stitches. They may include several different tunisian crochet stitches, interesting shaping and will require more attention than the easy patterns.

Piazza Shawl
Summertime Shawl
Merge Left Shawl
Step Up Shawl
Doodles Shawl
Solar Flare Shawl
Rita Shawl
Tranquility Shawl
Ondas Shawl
Looking Glass Shawl
Dragon Wing Shawl
Rincon Shawl
Event Horizon Shawl
Compressed Carbon Shawl
Sunbeam Shawl
Trapezoid Shawl
Fork in the Road Shawl
Shooting Star Shawl

Advanced Shawl Patterns

Advanced patterns assume familiarity with a wide variety of tunisian crochet stitches and the ability to easily read them.
An intermediate level tunisian crocheter with patience and attention to detail should still be able to complete these patterns.

Amy Shawl
Rainy Night Shawl
Dragon's Breath Shawl