Intermediate Tunisian Crochet Patterns

Intermediate Patterns assume a fair amount of comfort with Tunisian crochet and the ability to read stitches. They may include several different tunisian crochet stitches, interesting shaping and will require more attention than the easy patterns..

Piazza Shawl
Summertime Shawl
Merge Left Shawl
Step Up Shawl
Doodles Shawl
Solar Flare Shawl
Rita Shawl
Tranquility Shawl
Ondas Shawl
Looking Glass Shawl
Dragon Wing Shawl
Rincon Shawl
Event Horizon Shawl
Compressed Carbon Shawl
Sunbeam Shawl
Trapezoid Shawl
Fork in the Road Shawl
Shooting Star Shawl
Pebbles Cardigan
Strider Hooded Cowl
Tapas (Sampler) Cowl
Lightning Strike Cowl
Windig Cowl
Watefall Cowl
Estrella Cowl
Arm Warmers
Arm Warmers Act 2
Drei Hat
Vortex Hat
Honig Hat & Cowl Combo
Tir Scarf